Long Tail Pro Review – 2019

Website URL:https://longtailpro.com
Search Volume Accuracy:★★★★★
Competition Accuracy:★★★★★
Domain Statistics:★★★★★
Rank Tracker:★★★★★
Value For Money:★★★★
Free 7 day trial.Credit card needed for free trial.
Great user interface.Expensive.
Easy to use.Limited daily keyword searches.
Bulk keyword research possible.No global search volumes possible.
Excellent Keyword Competitiveness rating.
Excellent Rank Tracker tool.

Long Tail Pro Review – 2019 Cloud Edition

Long Tail Pro Review - sign up page.
Long Tail Pro sign up page.

This is a review of the latest cloud-based version of Long Tail Pro that has replaced the old downloaded desktop based system. On the whole, the new system is a vast improvement on the old one. The most noticeable improvement is the speed at which the keyword searches are returned. What might have taken hours under the old system now only takes seconds. The other improvement of note is the addition on the results page of the Keyword Competitiveness (KC) column. The KC rating for a keyword gives you an accurate indication of how stiff the competition is, on a scale of 0 to 100, within Google for that keyword. A keyword with a score of 30 or under usually has a good chance of a page one ranking.

It’s not all good news, though. Sadly gone has the unlimited keyword searches. This is an economic necessity. Under the old desktop system, Long Tail Pro used to gather its data from the free Google Ads (then Adwords) Keyword Planner Tool and the free Moz Bar page analysis tool. If you didn’t have them already, you had to open accounts with each and link them to your LTP account. Now, data is more reliably gathered from external sources. LTP has to pay for this data by the row, hence why it needs to limit searches for each subscription level accordingly to prevent the already high ticket price becoming even higher and out of reach.

Also gone is the ability to research a keyword on a global basis. You now have to choose a country before starting your search. This is again due to the way the data is now gathered. This is a disadvantage as if you are going to research your seed keywords in more than one country you are going to quickly start eating your way through your daily allowance. LTP maintain that global search volumes are not consistent and are unreliable, a view perhaps supported by the sometimes differing global search volume results I have experienced when searching the same keyword with both Jaaxy and Google Keyword Planner.

From the moment you first log in and access your dashboard, it becomes apparent that this software has been designed with much thought to make keyword research as easy and efficient as possible. If you are a complete novice you will quickly become accustomed to the system, yet if you are a seasoned search engine optimizer you will appreciate the professional feel of the software. Although primarily designed for finding keywords for organic search engine optimization (SEO), it is of equal value to those seeking keywords for cost per click (CPC) advertising campaigns.

Long Tail Pro – Packed With Features

Long Tail Pro Dashboard

Long Tail Pro Dashboard below the fold.
A typical Long Tail Pro keyword search.

In the above screenshot, you can see my requested 20 suggestions from my seed keyword “long tail pro review”. I have modified the search by sorting the “Avg KC” column, the first column on the right-hand side, to read from low to high. This I did by double-clicking the column heading. Arranged like this you can instantly see that all of the keywords with a competitiveness score of 25 or under, the ones most likely to rank well, are at the top, highlighted in a garish green color. These are followed by the next best, 25 to 30, highlighted in yellow, with the scores of 30 or above, which are not likely to rank, not highlighted at all.

Just for demonstration purposes, I have added three keywords, the ones with the blue star to the left, to my favorites. However, by far the best keyword there is easily spotted and, surprise, surprise, it is my seed keyword. Although it just qualifies with a KC score of 25, in the next column along, the “Volume” column, it averages a very respectable 480 searches per month. So, there is a good chance of that keyword ranking on page one and being exposed to up to 480 searchers every month. That’s how easy LTP makes it to find potentially lucrative keywords.

The next column shows you how much you can expect to pay per click if you were to use that keyword for your Google Ads or similar campaign. This table makes it easy to find low competition keywords with a low CPC (cost per click), which is what you want if you are running advertising campaigns to promote your promotions. So in my example, “long tail pro review” remains a good choice with a shown bid value of $0.00, although in reality, you would have to bid at least 1 cent per click.

Equally easy to find here are the best keywords for if you are running Google Adsense on your website or blog. For this, you again need low competition keywords, but to maximize your earnings potential they need to be a high CPC. You can see from the table that “long tail pro discount” not only has a higher CPC of $1.89 and a KC of 24 but also has a higher search volume of 50, making it more of a contender.

The last two columns relate to your chosen language and country, both of which you can click on to change at the expense of using up more keyword searches from your daily allowance. The column in front of these two, Rank Value, is another great feature exclusive to Long Tail Pro. This statistic shows the estimated monthly value of the corresponding keyword if it appeared top of the organic search results.


Clicking on any keyword suggestion in the search results will bring up the competition analysis for that keyword, giving you a chance to spy on your rivals and find out what it takes to get to page one of the SERPs (search engine results pages). Other keyword research tools analyze the SERPs but to my knowledge, no other tool goes into this much detail.

Long Tail Pro Competition Analysis tool.
Long Tail Pro Competition Analysis

In addition to the title, meta tag and URL that you would normally get in a traditional Google search, you get some really important metrics including the individual page KC, the domain KC for that website, how many backlinks from other authoritative websites that page has and the age of the website the page is from.


An example of Domain Analysis

To the top of the dashboard is a handy little tool where you can enter the name of your own domain and receive some valuable insights including the recommended KC score you would be best targeting with your keyword selection. Also shown are the number of external websites that refer to your domain, the number of backlinks coming into your domain, your trust flow, a score of 0-100 pertaining to the quality of the links coming into your domain, and your citation flow, again a score of 0-100, this time pertaining to the number of links coming in.

If you have more than one domain it is no problem. In the top left corner, where it says “Default” in my screenshot, you can click on the arrow and start a new “project” for a different domain or a different keyword strategy. You can have as many projects on the go as you need, once you are a paid up member. You can also then change the title “Default” to any name you want to give to that particular project.

Other Features Beyond The Dashboard

The LTP dashboard side menu.As you can see from this screenshot of the side menu, there are some other interesting and useful tools available when you open an account.


This brings exactly the same results as clicking on an individual keyword from your keyword suggestion results. This separate page for SERP Analysis is for if you have a single keyword idea you want to check up on without going through the keyword search and using up a lot more than one keyword from your daily allowance. This, for me, demonstrates that the people at LTP are thinking of their customers and are not out to just get as much money from you as they can.


Rank Tracker helps you to discover which content of your website is doing well and which content needs attention. Individually add keywords and the URL they pertain to and LTP will track them over time. The Rank Tracker will not show many statistics straight away as it updates weekly, so you will not notice any reliable trends for at least one month; then the statistics start taking a meaningful form and you can instantly see on the dashboard how many of your keywords are improving their rankings and how many are declining. You can create downloadable graphs for each individual keyword that you have input into the system. This is a very useful tool for increasing the efficiency of your website.


Backlink Analysis is another feature of LTP that helps justify the high subscription price. You can research the backlinks that any website has coming into it, your own or your competitors. Add any URL to the tool and it will show you how many domains are linking to it and also the total number of backlinks. You can then investigate any individual backlink to discover what content your rivals are putting out that merits them receiving it. Then, in theory, all you have to do to better your rivals is to come up with some superior content.

The Three Subscription Levels

Long Tail Pro has three subscription levels designed for you to step up each time your business has outgrown the previous one. Each level can be paid on a one month to month basis or on an annual basis, though, bizarrely perhaps, you can pay the annual subscription monthly. If you sign up for the annual subscription you get the added bonus of access to the Long Tail Pro University, a series of training guides teaching how to find the best long tail keywords, search engine optimization and maximizing your traffic.

Your seven day LTP trial allows you to search 100 keywords per day, with a maximum of 20 suggestions for every seed keyword. That means that after searching five seed keywords, 5 x 20 = 100, that’s your allowance used for the day. But this is a free trial and is perfectly adequate for assessment purposes. It also gives you an idea of how quickly you can get through your daily allowance. What I really do not like about the free trial is that if you don’t want to continue with a paid subscription at the end of it you cannot delete your credit card details, although actually closing your account is a matter of just two mouse clicks.

Near the end of the free trial, you will be reminded that your free period is coming to an end and that your credit card will be used to pay for your previously selected subscription service. You will be given the option to change your subscription plan or to cancel your account.

If you are a one-man operation, new to the blogging business or affiliate marketing, then there is no need to invest in any higher than the Starter level. For $297 USD annual subscription, or $37 USD monthly subscription you have an allowance of 800 each of keyword suggestions, KC values and SERP look-ups. 800 keyword suggestions per day are more than enough for the fledgling blogger. The one drawback of Starter is that you can only be logged in on one device at a time. However, it is a minor inconvenience to log out of your desktop before later logging in on your mobile device.

After your business has outgrown 800 keywords, a move up to Pro level will up your daily allowances over three times for less than double the subscription. 2,500 keywords, KCs and SERPs every 24 hours costs $537 USD annually or $67 USD monthly. This is a little more expensive than Jaaxy Pro, to which it compares, especially with regards to the monthly subscription price.

Once your venture becomes so successful that you have to start farming work out to people on platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr or Freelancer, then there is LTP’s Agency level, which allows five devices to be logged in to your account at any one time. That’s two for you, two for your virtual assistant plus one spare. This service costs $1177 USD annually and, if you are bringing in enough cash to justify this, you are not going to be bothered with the monthly subscription of $147 USD. For this money you get 6,000 daily searches all round. LTP Agency is comparable to Jaaxy Enterprise for performance, with Agency costing quite significantly more.

The Verdict

A judge with a gavel.

There is no doubt that Long Tail Pro is a great keyword research tool but it is expensive, even though that expense is justified by its superb features. The problem is that when you are first starting out in the world of internet marketing, usually you are trying to keep outgoing costs down as much as possible until the real money starts coming in. That’s why, for the moment, I will be staying with my version of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool that is included in my Wealthy Affiliate membership. However, when the time is right, I will be considering joining Long Tail Pro at the Pro level. I believe Long Tail Pro to be the cream of keyword research tools, it’s so easy to gain all of the important information that you need to discover if a keyword is worth investing your time in.

To read more about Long Tail Pro and get 30% off any plan, click here!

All Long Tail Pro plans have a 10 day money back guarantee.

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I hope this review has been of some help to you. If you have any comments or would like to ask any questions about the Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool or this website, please use the box below. Or, if you prefer, use the contactHWA form. Either way, your contact details are safe and will not be shared or sold to any other person or entity.

See you next time.

Stephen Annett


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