Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Can You Afford Not To?

Website URL:https://www.jaaxy.com
Search Volume Accuracy:★★★★
Competition Accuracy:★★★★★
Domain Search Efficiency:★★★★★
Affiliate Program Finder Efficiency:★★★★☆
Value For Money:★★★★☆
Trial version available.Enterprise version expensive.
Pro version good value.Search volume scores sometimes
disagree with Google.
Fast.Manual QSR Search slows down
Pro version.
Easy to use.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Keyword ideas appearing on a laptop screen.
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In the highly competitive world of keyword focused search engine optimization, you need all of the help you can afford to give you the edge over your rivals. Sure, you can get by in the beginning with the free software available out there but, eventually, to research keywords and their competition to a level where it is going to benefit your SEO, you are going to find free research too long-winded and time consuming. You will need a paid keyword research tool so that you can restore the balance between the time spent on writing valuable content for your readers and researching suitable keywords, Believe me, I’ve been there, hence this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review to give you the heads up.

If you are going to pay for a keyword research tool, then it makes sense to invest in one of the best, one that is up to the job. Jaaxy fits this bill and gives you some extras too, all for a price that is less than you might be thinking. To explain the extensive capabilities of Jaaxy I will also discuss the three membership levels, as the functionality increases with each level. Actually, there is also another, intermediate level, but more on that near the end.

The Three (Plus One) Membership Levels


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review - Starter Account
The Starter Level Dashboard

Jaaxy helpfully allows you a free, start up level of membership for the purpose of allowing you to assess the software before committing yourself financially. You do not even have to disclose any payment details at this stage. At Starter Level you are restricted to 30 keyword searches, each with up to 20 further keyword suggestions in the results. Your results will show you how many times each keyword is searched for per month (Avg), how many visitors you can expect on your web page or post if the keyword were to rank on page one (Traffic) and the exact amount of competition the keyword has on Google (QSR).  The keywords also receive a Keyword Quality Rating (KQR) of Great, Normal or Poor and an SEO score of 0 to 100. The closer the SEO score is to 100, the greater the chance of the keyword ranking on page one.

Jaaxy Starter Level keyword search results.

    Starter Level keyword search results.

When you have used this valuable information to grade your new keywords, you can tick the check box next to the ones you want to keep and save them to a list, along with the important, accompanying metrics.. At Starter Level you are limited to two lists but this isn’t too much of a problem as you can export your lists as a .csv or .txt file to save in a spreadsheet or text document respectively.

If you need more keyword suggestions the Alphabet Soup Tool at Starter Level will bring five suggestions for each letter of the alphabet and each digit from an input seed keyword. Of course, each use of this facility deducts from your free 30 quota.

Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup search results.
Alphabet Soup screenshot

Some of your quota of 30 keyword searches may also be applied to Jaaxy’s Search Analysis Tool. Conducting a keyword search here will bring up what content is making page one of your choice of Google, Bing or Yahoo for that keyword. This is very useful for assessing the type and intensity of the competition and what you must do to better it.

Although you will most likely get through your 30 searches very quickly, this is perfectly adequate for finding your way around the dashboard and trying out some of the other included tools. Also with the Starter Level you get to evaluate the SiteRank tool. You are limited to 30 scans of how a keyword is performing with any chosen domain. You can use this to check on the performance of your own keywords on your own websites as well as “spying” on your competitors to discover how their keywords are performing and what you may need to do to match or better them.

A sample of Jaaxy’s SiteRank tool in action.

    SiteRank showing a post in no.2 spot. The focus keyword was found by Jaaxy.

Jaaxy also has a search facility directly concerned with finding affiliate programs based on an input keyword. At the end of this search box is a selector to point the search at either the Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River or Clickbank affiliate programs. Again, at Starter Level expect to lose one of your search credits every time you use this facility.

One more feature worth a mention is the Brainstorm section. This section displays the top ten lists from Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends. You can click on any individual entry from these lists and it automatically gets added to your Brianstorm Queue. You can also add your own entries to the queue from the box provided. This is very handy for those brainwaves you have on the move; you can add them to your queue making them available for your next keyword research session. The Brainstorm Queue can be made visible during keyword research by clicking the appropriate tab to the top right of the keyword list.


Jaaxy Pro - economy class keyword research.
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Jaaxy Pro is the lower tier of paid membership. This level still has some restrictions but not as many as the Starter Level. The main differences are that searches are now unlimited and, at the click of a tab, you can revisit your entire search history. Search Analysis is also unlimited at this level.

By opening a new tab, at Pro Level you can now have two keyword searches happening at the same time. Results are sill restricted to 20 per keyword search but you can sort each column from high to low or low to high by clicking the arrow under the heading. Before doing any sorting you will need to manually activate each individual QSR Search in the results table. This can become tedious if you are executing a long keyword session.

A feature totally restricted at Starter Level but now available with Pro is the Domain Search facility at the end of each keyword suggestion. As with QSR search, this has to be activated manually. This tool informs you of whether .com, .net or .org domains based on the keyword in question are available. If they are they will be highlighted in green and will be clickable through to a domain registration offer. Using the Domain Search may provide you with ideas for a new website or you may find a potentially popular domain that you can buy and own for next to nothing and later sell to the highest bidder for a profit that may go into thousands.

The remaining features still have restrictions, though not as much as Starter Level. A total of 25 keyword lists can now be saved, making storage of your keywords a lot easier; Alphabet Soup jumps from 5 results per letter to 15; the biggest leap of all, though, is with SiteRank as with Pro membership you can analyze up to 2,000 keywords and websites.


Jaaxy Enterprise - business class keyword research.
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Things get a lot more user friendly and much less restricted at Jaaxy Enterprise Level, as you would expect for almost twice the price of Pro.

Your search results now come in at five times the speed of Pro, useful if you are performing a lot of research. The extra speed is needed because you can also have open up to five tabs, simultaneously searching out potentially lucrative, high volume, low competition keywords for your business. Each search will deliver up to 35 keyword suggestions and all of the ones you like can be stored in an unlimited number of keyword lists for when the time comes to use them.

Another feature of Enterprise that will save time and monotony when researching multiple keywords is the now automated QSR Search and automated Domain Search.

Alphabet Soup now boasts up to 50 keyword suggestions for every letter. That is an incredible 1,000+ keyword suggestions returned from just one search. Pretty powerful stuff.

The Verdict: Go Pro!

At the beginning of this article I have already reflected on the importance of using the facilities of a paid keyword research tool if you are going to have any chance of success in the online business world. You can do a lot worse than choose Jaaxy.

The only reservation I have about using Jaaxy is that sometimes there can be a discrepancy between Jaaxy’s search volume figures and of those returned by the Google Keyword Planner. To overcome this I usually go through the process of selecting my keyword through Jaaxy and then before proceeding to use that selected keyword, double-check it with the Google Planner before making a final decision. Otherwise, in my experience all other statistics delivered by Jaaxy are 100% accurate.

Despite this one discrepancy, I thoroughly recommend Jaaxy. It has proved to be a very valuable tool for me as some of the keywords found that I have used to focus my content on now have some of my posts ranking on page one of Google Search. If you are just starting out in this business then, by all means, go for the free Starter membership and use your free 30 searches wisely to assess the power of Jaaxy and whether it is right for you.

You can start your first Jaaxy search right here:

Then, if you are happy, upgrade to the Pro version. Although the manual QSR Search can be a bit of a bind at times, this level is perfectly adequate for those of us endeavoring to establish our brands in the online world and at $49 USD per month it will not be too much burden on the finances at a time in your business development when it is important to keep costs down as low as possible. There is also a pay yearly option of $499 USD which would save you $89 USD in the long run.

Once your business is established and you have a good, regular income coming in from it, then it would be a good time to move up to Enterprise Level and reap the benefits that come with it. At $99 USD per month, Enterprise represents great value for money for the time-saving it brings and the potentially money-spinning keywords it will deliver. The yearly option costs $999 USD, an overall saving of $198 USD over the year.

To sign up for your free Jaaxy Starter account, click here.


Can you tell me what you were doing with Jaaxy last night?
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A long way back in this review I mentioned the existence of an intermediate level for Jaaxy. This level is known as Jaaxy Lite and is only slightly more limited in functionality than Pro, mainly in that you can only perform one search at a time as opposed to the two of Pro.

Jaaxy Lite is, as far as I am aware, only available as part of a package that also includes web hosting for up to 50 domains, comprehensive affiliate marketing training, a content writing platform, access to hundreds of affiliate marketing programs, a great community of fellow members and excellent technical support. All of this costs only $49 USD per month, the same as Jaaxy Pro!

To learn more of this package, see my  2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review by clicking here.


Long Tail Pro is the other keyword research tool worth considering as an alternative to Jaaxy. Long Tail Pro also offers a free trial membership which would allow you to compare the capabilities of both Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro before committing yourself to one or the other.

To find out more about Long Tail Pro, click here.

I hope this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review has been of some help to you. If you have any comments, or would like to ask any questions about the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool or this website, please use the box below. Or, if you prefer, use the contactHWA form. Either way, your contact details are safe and will not be shared or sold to any other person or entity.

See you next time.

Stephen Annett


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