How To Make Money Sports Betting Online

How to make money sports betting online.
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How To Make Money Sports Betting Online

I’m going to start this one off by disappointing you. Deep down inside, though, you must know it’s true. How to make money sports betting online? There are NO miracle systems that are going to get you rich in no time at all, despite what all the other websites in the search results where you may have found this article may say. My advice is that on no account should you part with any money in exchange for betting systems, fiendish bookie beating schemes or betting information.

If these products are so good, why do the people who own them need to sell them to you? Surely, if they work as well as they say they do they have no need to sell them as they would be making too much money to bother with that. Also, if they worked, everybody would be doing it and there would be no betting websites as they would all have been put out of business.

It Can Be Done

So, can you make money sports betting online, can it be done? Well, yes it can, there are professionals out there earning a living from online sports betting. You never hear from these people, though. The successful ones do not want to give their secrets away.

So I decided to find a way myself. After years of research and live practice risking small amounts of money, I believe I have found a way to use mathematics and astute betting choices to steadily build up a large pot of money with the risk of only losing a small amount of your own money. I have lost money during my testing, sure, but not a significant amount.

Now I have built up a set of rules to follow that give you a much better chance of building up a fair amount of bookie’s cash than the average punter. I am going to share those rules with you now, completely free of charge. Understand, though, that this is still an experiment, albeit an advanced one, and you do risk losing your original stake.

Horse racing is harder to pick consistent winning bets from.
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1 – Do Not Wager More Than You Can Afford

I am guessing that you are reading this because you want to make enough money to change your life for the better, which is why I say only to use money that you can afford to lose for this project, or any betting for that matter. Getting yourself into debt will change your life, but not for the better. You won’t need to outlay much of your own money for this, anyway and, once a result or two comes in, you can withdraw your original stake if you so desire.

2 – Fund Your Base Pot

By this I mean open up an online account with a bookmaker, if you haven’t already, and deposit an amount of cash to form the basis of the betting strategy. I would suggest 100 units as a good starting point, but only if you can afford it. By 100 units I mean 100 of whatever your basic unit of currency is, 100 GBP, 100 USD, 100 Euro or whatever.

If you cannot afford this, then you can do what I did. As I was still experimenting, I did not want to risk 100 units, so I started with 10 and worked it up to 100 by some careful betting based on my sports knowledge – and my knowledge of “Britain’s Got Talent”, as it turned out! It only took me four bets to get from 10 units to 100 units.

I was a little fortunate in that the first of these bets was a 6/1 against “certainty”, a rare occurrence, but they do turn up now and again if you keep your eye out for them. Most bets will be odds on; although most odds on bets will be winners, once in a while the form book will be turned over and a losing odds on bet will need two or three winning ones to recover, so you need these occasional gems to keep the funds moving along.

This is the actual run of bets to build up my Base Pot
This is the actual run of bets that built up my Base Pot.

3 – Bet On What You Know

Don’t try betting on sports you don’t follow or don’t understand as you will not have enough insight into what factors could influence the outcome of your bet. This is why I generally steer clear of horse racing or golf because I don’t follow either. This may be your particular field of expertise, though, so by all means, use these sports. Rarely, a horse that is obviously head and shoulders above the rest may come into the fore and also into my consideration.

Usually I stick to what I know, which is British football (soccer), European Champions League football, International football, International Rugby Union, Test Cricket, One Day International Cricket and Grand Slam tennis. Lately I’ve included FIFA Women’s World Cup to my list. I also find the outcome of live TV events quite easy to predict and the bookies usually offer odds on these.

Sometimes I get an overwhelming feeling of what the outcome of an event will be, something like a premonition but premonition is probably too strong a word for it. These feelings, so far, have never been wrong but they don’t happen all that often. What I am trying to say is, if you have a genuine gut feeling, it’s probably okay to go with it. Only you will know how much you can trust your gut feelings!

4 – Bet On High Quality Events

The major events and top leagues of any sport will produce the most high quality performances from all participants, making the current form of the individuals or teams involved more reliable and the outcome more predictable. Avoid meaningless “friendlies” as these tend to be where new strategies are experimented with, individuals aren’t giving 100% effort, there’s no adrenaline rush and anything can happen, making the outcome more unpredictable.

5 – Bet Sensibly Not Sentimentally

You may have a favorite team, individual player, horse, etcetera. It is easy to get caught up in the euphoria of the occasion and place a bet on them just because you want them to win. Avoid doing this as, although you may have one or two successes, you will lose your money in the long run. Always place bets on an informed decision based on form, history, current circumstances and the law of averages. It is okay to bet on your favorite team or individual so long as the bet is based on an informed decision and not on sentiment.

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6 – Don’t Forget In-Play Betting

If you get the opportunity to watch or listen to live events you can get a great feel for how the game or race is going to progress, so look out for betting opportunities here. I apologize for using football (soccer) again as an example, but if, say, a top team goes one goal down to a much lower side, you will be able to get much better odds on the top team winning, if you think that will be the case.

Some bookies also offer you the opportunity to cash in a bet early at reduced returns. Take a look at opportunities like this if your chosen team is winning but just hanging on.

7 – Be Patient With Your Sports Betting Selections

Don’t place a bet just for the sake of it, just because you haven’t placed one for a while and you feel you have to. This is a sure fire way to lose your money. Be patient, sit tight and wait for the right opportunities to come along. It is better to wait a little longer for the big money than to end up with no money at all.

8 – Keep To Single Bets In The Main

Your chances of success are increased if you can stay with single bets. However, sometimes the odds are going to be so short that the bet is not worth placing unless you combine it with another equally likely event to make a double, or even a third, if necessary, to make a treble. I wouldn’t go any higher than a treble, though. Even though the total bet may still be odds on, in reality the chances of one of the four or more selections failing is quite high.

I like to make my total bet come out somewhere between 1 / 2 on and evens; if I can’t find one, two or three suitable candidates for this, then there is simply no bet for that day. This strategy allows for one in four of my bets to fail and still leave me in front. As I said earlier, the occasional odds against gem turns up, these are the bets to be on the look out for as they really move the funds ahead.

9 – Reinvest Your Winnings To Up The Stakes

If you want to make big money from sports betting it is important to reinvest all of your winnings, at least to begin with until you can make withdrawals in the thousands or tens of thousands. That way, apart from your initial investment of up to 100 units, you will not be risking your own money, only money that the bookie has placed into your account as winnings.

I have a formula to increase the size of the betting stake and therefore the size of the returns as you move along:

Total Stake = Total Funds – 100 units (the Base Pot) ➗ 10 OR 10 units, whichever is the greater.

Once your fund has grown past 200 units, this allows for up to 10 losing bets in a row and still having your Base Pot left, which means you will not have lost any of your own money. Of course, losing 10 bets in a row isn’t desirable in terms of building up a big pot of money, but after you have refined your bet selection this is unlikely to happen.

The hard part is working up to 200 units in the pot. After that, things can really take off. Of course, you can invest 200 units of your own money from the start if you can stand the risk of losing at least half of it.

Once the size of the stake has moved past 1,000 units, it then becomes worthwhile placing single bets, and I would only consider single bets now, at odds less than 1 / 2 on. For example, 1,000 units placed at odds of 1 / 4 on, potentially makes you 250 units profit.

If you want, when the stakes start to get this high you can decrease your risk factor by changing the formula to something like:

Total Stake = Total Funds – 100 units (the Base Pot) ➗ 20.

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Where Does It End?

Hopefully, it doesn’t have to end. When the pot reaches a certain size you can cream off a sum of money every week or every month and sill grow the size of the pot, just like if you were investing your money into unit trusts at the bank.

Personally, I would like to reach the stage where I can withdraw £2,000 to £5,000 per calendar month. To continue growing the pot, this means making at least £4,000 to £10,000 per month, which, depending on which of my two formulae I use, means a pot size of somewhere between £40,100 and £200,100!

Whichever online bookmaker you choose, when you reach this stage you need to check the limits. For example, the highest stake you are able to place may be 10,000 units, the maximum you can withdraw at once may be 100,000 units, and the maximum you can win may be set at 1,000,000 units. So when your pot size reaches around 100,000 units it will be a good idea to open another account at another bookmaker. Not only will you be able place bets at higher stakes by splitting the bets between the two bookmakers, but you will also have the chance to pick the best price offered between the two which, at these high stakes, can make a lot of difference. And you don’t need to stop there, you can open accounts with as many bookmakers as you want.

Sports Betting Online – The Verdict

As I said at the beginning, I have spent years experimenting with this strategy. I don’t think you can fault the mathematics, average three wins out of every four bets and you are guaranteed to accumulate cash in your account.

What you do need, especially at the beginning, is the knowledge and good fortune to pick out the correct bets to set you on your way. Undoubtedly things can go wrong. Once, this was before I had formulated all of the rules of my strategy, I had the misfortune to pick out a sequence of ten consecutive losing odds-on bets. I said before it was unlikely, but it can happen! Luckily, it was only money won from the bookie that I lost.

If you choose to follow my strategy, while I cannot guarantee that you will win, you must have better luck than that. It will probably take you a while to gain the experience to pick out the correct bets every time, or almost every time, but it will come if you persist. I wish you then the luck to progress to bigger things!

Before I go I must say this again. On no account bet any money that you can’t afford to lose. Never chase a losing bet trying to immediately regain your lost stake, it will only end in tears. Above all, don’t get into debt over betting.

If you have any relevant comments or questions, please fill in the form below or, if you prefer, use our contact HWA form.

Best of luck to you.

Stephen Annett

Home Wealth Adviser

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