2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Before I continue with my 2019 Wealthy Affiliate review, I feel that is only right to tell you that I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. However, this is my honest review of the platform and what better than a report from the inside?

2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review - What the profile page looks like.


Website URL: https://wealthyaffiliate.com

Training: ★★★★☆

Hosting: ★★★★☆

Support: ★★★★★

Community: ★★★★☆

Value For Money: ★★★★★

Overall Score: ★★★★☆

What Is Wealthy Affiliate – Is It Suitable For Me?

Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one, training, hosting, help and community package for anyone wanting to start or take to the next level an online, website based business using valuable, customer-focused content to monetize through affiliate marketing, drop shipping, selling your own product or a mixture of any of these.

It is suitable for complete novices to the internet marketing business right up to seasoned professionals with established websites. Although the main aim at Wealthy Affiliate is to build one or more niche based blogs, you don’t have to be a prolific writer as step by step training takes you through how to write a competent post.

The Training – What Does It Involve?

Screenshot of Online Entrepreneur Certification Training at Wealthy Affiliate.

I believe that Wealthy Affiliate features all of the training you could possibly ever need to make a successful business in online marketing. Firstly, there are two, separate courses that will get you from zero to a fully functioning, blog style website bringing in visitors and potential customers.

One of these courses, the Online Entrepreneur Course (OEC) shows you how to build a website dedicated to a particular niche of your choice from start to finish. From choosing your particular niche and very own domain name, right up to monetizing your website, it’s all covered. There are supporting videos for nearly every lesson.

The other course, The Bootcamp, is very similar to the OEC except for being dedicated to the make money online (MMO) sector and being that bit more demanding on the student but with potentially greater rewards at the end. You can even earn an all expenses paid trip to the annual Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. Because this course is that bit harder, I recommend completing the OEC course first just to learn the basics. Both the OEC and the Bootcamp trainings have been organized by one of the owners, Kyle.

Apart from this training, there are regular Friday live webinars delivered by a member called Jay. These webinars cover many industry topics such as making YouTube videos, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, choosing a brand name, creating a logo and many more. These webinars are all archived and can be accessed by premium members at any time.

Then there is another member under the name of smartketeer who covers all of the technical side with his training posts, particularly regarding the plugin software add-ons for the WordPress platform used at Wealthy Affiliate. There is much more training, many members contribute training of some sort. There are one or two “iffy” contributions but the majority is useful knowledge.

If you were to use the site search facility to find the training you want, you are almost guaranteed to find something.

Hosting – Should You Use The In-House Hosting Service?

All Wealthy Affiliate hosted websites are built on the WordPress platform, the most popular and, arguably, easiest to use website builder in the world. Security, back-ups and site support are all inclusive with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

The only reason you would not want to have your website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate is that if you ever terminated your membership then you would have to transfer your domain and your whole website to another host. However, these days this is quite a straightforward operation and anyway, once you have signed up and experienced the life inside Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t think you are going to want to leave anyway. Besides, having your website hosted elsewhere would be an extra expense for you, especially at the same standard of support.

The Community – It’s What Makes Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, despite the high standard of training and the high standard of hosting, it is the community that makes Wealthy Affiliate a great organization to be a member of. There is a vast cross-section of people from over the world and across the social classes that all have the main aim of succeeding in setting up a sustainable income from internet marketing, freeing them from the burden of employment. Most people come from English speaking countries but there are many members that do not speak English as a first language.

Nearly all of the members are friendly and supportive, willing to help out others as soon as a problem appears on either the live chat or the members’ questions blog. Sometimes the odd spammer or scammer filters through the system but they are soon dealt with by the community and, ultimately, the owners, Kyle and Carson. The majority of members have joined Wealthy Affiliate to escape the predators that this industry seems to attract, so it is quite easy to spot and report them on the isolated occasions that they do appear. There is a strict “no spam” policy that is acted on immediately the rules are broken.

In addition, to live chat and the members’ questions blog there is also an in house blog where you can blow your own trumpet, letting everyone know of your progress so far, or talk about anything you want connecting with internet marketing. There is a ranking system, every new member is given a rank number. If you were to join now you can expect a rank number of around 250,000 to 260,000. You can swiftly move up the ranks by contributing to the community, not only in the chat and the blogs but also by providing training for others, which you can do after three month’s premium membership, and by leaving comments on other members’ websites. When you reach the top 50 you earn Ambassador status so that you are easily identifiable as a helper. Although it is a nice feeling to move up the ranks it is important not to make it the focus of your attention as it distracts you from the main purpose of your membership.

Members get to know each other by “following’ each other in a similar way to Facebook. If someone follows you it is polite to thank them on their profile page and to follow them back, should you like what you read in their “bio”. You can build up quite a big network this way and also develop some genuine friendships with the people you “click” with.

You can also contact other members by using the internal private messaging system but be careful using this as unsolicited messages can be seen as spam. Personally, I would not private message anybody that wasn’t among my followers.

Ranking Your Website Made Easy – Free Keyword Research Tool Included

Wealthy Affiliate lead-in to the Jaaxy keyword research tool.
Wealthy Affiliate lead-in to the Jaaxy keyword research tool

Getting your website noticed for little or no cost depends fundamentally on getting ranked on Page 1 of the search engines, particularly Google, Bing and Yahoo. To do this you need valuable content focused on a particular keyword that often gets typed into a search box in browsers worldwide. You need low competition keywords that not many other websites are using, but ones that get at least 30 searches per month.

It is almost impossible to find these keywords without a keyword research tool. Wealthy Affiliate has negotiated free use of the industry-leading Jaaxy keyword research tool for its members. Starter members are restricted to 30 searches, as you would be if you joined Jaaxy as a starter member, but at Wealthy Affiliate Premium level you have unlimited searches. Jaaxy membership alone at a similar level would cost you $19 per month,

Are There Any Hidden Costs? Are there any Upsells?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, you don’t even need to provide a credit card number. You only need to provide a valid email address to prove that you are a real person filling out the form. I recommend taking up the free starter membership just to test the water, but in all honesty, you would not want to stay a free member for very long. As a free member, you get access to just enough facilities to get you started and to find out if this really is for you. You get two free websites as sub-domains of the site owned SiteRubix domain, the training is limited to the early stages, your contact with other members is limited to the first seven days, use of Jaaxy is limited to 30 searches and you don’t get website security.

Upgrading to Premium membership will give you up to 50 websites (25 on your own domains and 25 on the SiteRubix domain), full access to the training, full contact with the other members, unlimited use of Jaaxy and website security included. The cost of upgrading to Premium is $49 per month with the first month at a discount of $19, or $234 for 6 months, or $359 for a full year.

After that, there are no upsells whatsoever. The only extra cost you will have to pay is for your own domain names, currently around $13.99 for a dot com. Domain names are not included in the membership because once you have paid for them they are your own personal property.

The Verdict: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

It took me a long time to upgrade from starter membership to premium membership because at the time I had been taken in by a lot of “shiny object” internet marketing packages I was assured I couldn’t do without but turned out to be damp squibs. I was worried that this was just another one.

Now I wish I had made the move to premium earlier. I wish that I had found Wealthy Affiliate earlier, it would have saved me a lot of money wasted on systems that just didn’t work. Wealthy Affiliate is the one online marketing platform that I have joined that actually delivers on its promises. You will not find better training, hosting, community and support in one package for $49 per month. At the risk of sounding like the “shiny object” promoters, I believe that you would have to pay at least $250 per month for anything nearly as good. The fact that you get free access to Jaaxy makes it even better value.

Wealthy Affiliate lay everything on a plate for you to set up your own income generating website business but it will only become a success if you are prepared to put in the work to make it a success. You will need to be consistently busy with your training, content research, keyword research, content writing, search engine optimization and promotions to make it work. Wealthy Affiliate will handle the rest.

STOP PRESS! Wealthy Affiliate has now got even better. A new tool has  just been added to the already formidable arsenal of aids to growing your affiliate marketing business. Affiliate Program Search allows you to search for relevant affiliate offers for your blog posts and reviews directly without having to leave the Wealthy Affiliate platform. All of your affiliate programs, usually scattered around the internet, now stored in just one place. Affiliate Program Search is available to Starter and Premium members alike. 

For more information about joining Wealthy Affiliate, click here!

I hope this review has been of some help to you. If you have any comments or would like to ask any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, please use the box below.

See you next time.

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